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In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in everything charityThe primary mission of The Baptist Pietist Clarion, first published in March 2002, is to defend the Swedish Baptist Pietist heritage, as it was reflected in the writings of John Alexis Edgren and further developed by leaders throughout the history of the Baptist General Conference (BGC).

The term “Clarion” refers to an effort to clearly communicate a message that is important and vital to the community. Since 1921, it has been the name of the student newspaper at Bethel University and expresses the belief that all that we do in life glorifies Jesus Christ and communicates that he is our Lord and Savior.

This journal is an independent effort and not affiliated with the Baptist General Conference or Bethel University.


G. William Carlson is Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science at Bethel University.

Ronald Saari recently retired as Senior Pastor of Central Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota.

With thanks to…

Darin Jones (print layout)
Diana Magnuson (archival assistance)
Chris Gehrz (web editing)


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