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Carole and Jim Spickelmier


Spickelmier and Spickelmier (eds.), Five Decades of Growth and ChangeJames and Carole Spickelmier were the editors of Five Decades of Growth and Change: The Baptist General Conference and Bethel University, 1952-2002, its follow-up, New Century, New Directions: The Baptist General Conference/Converge Worldwide, 2001-2010, and A Time of Transformation: Bethel Seminary, 1982-2012.

Jim passed away September 25, 2013, at the age of 72. See the March 2014 issue of the Clarion for tributes from his colleagues G.W. Carlson and Leland Eliason.

Articles by James Spickelmier:

  • “‘Baptist’ is not a Dirty Word” (July 2003)
  • “Virgil Olson: Pastor, Historian, Professor, College Dean, Mission Leader and College President” (May 2011)

Articles by Carole Lundquist Spickelmier:

  • “Growing up in a Pietist Home” (July 2004)
  • “Religion of the Heart: Writings of Dr. Carl Lundquist” (March 2012)

Article by James and Carole Spickelmier:

  • “Converge Worldwide: Reflecting on the New Name” (July 2013)
  • “The Writing of Five Decades of Growth and Change” (May 2011)

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