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Diana Magnuson


Diana L. Magnuson is Professor of History at Bethel University and director of The History Center: Archives of the Baptist General Conference and Bethel University. Her articles for the Baptist Pietist Clarion include:

  • “God’s Gift of Forgiveness: An Evangelistic Tract of John Alexis Edgren” (with G.W. Carlson, September 2006)
  • Carlson and Magnuson, Persevere, Läsare, and Clarion“Martin Luther King Invited to Address Bethel Convocation: Reaping the Legacy of President Carl Lundquist’s Correspondence with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” (with Kent Gerber, May 2011)
  • “Swedish Baptist Women in America, 1850-1914: the ‘High Calling’ of Serving Christ in the Life of the Church” (March 2009)
  • “Virgil A. Olson Stained Glass Windows Memorial Dedication” (April 2015)

Diana is also the co-author (with G.W. Carlson) of two histories of Bethel University: the 125th anniversary booklet, Perservere, Läsare, and Clarion (available to read online via the Bethel University Digital Library); and a chapter on Bethel from 1952-2002 in the Five Decades collection edited by Jim and Carole Spickelmier.


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