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July 2003


In this issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion:

  • “What is a Baptist?” In addition to Richard Turnwall’s biographical sketch of early Swedish Baptist leader F. O. Nilsson, the issue’s theme question was answered through shorter pieces by Virgil Olson, John Anderson, and Jim Spickelmier.
  • Frequent Clarion contributor Terri Hansen made her first appearance, sharing a sermon on finding grace in adversity and learning to give thanks in all circumstances.
  • And G.W. Carlson eulogized his mother, Bernice G. Carlson, the “faithful Baptist saint” to whom this issue was dedicated.

Click to download or view the July 2003 issue


  • Richard Turnwall, “F.O. Nilsson, A Baptist Heretic”
  • Ron Saari & G.W. Carlson, “A Clarion Call for Baptist Pietism”
  • Jim Spicklemier, “‘Baptist’ is not a Dirty Word”
  • “Former Bethel Seminary Dean Defines Baptist Distinctives”
  • Virgil Olson, “Why I’m a Baptist”
  • John F. Anderson, “Why I’m a Baptist”
  • “Baptist Pietist Commitments”
  • Terri Hansen, “The Anatomy of Adversity”
  • G. William Carlson, “Celebrating the Life of a Faithful Baptist Saint”
  • G. William Carlson, “A Mother Who Took the Time to Pray”

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