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June 2002


In this issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion:

  • Continuing coverage of the “open theism” debate, as GW eulogized BGC pastor Neal Floberg, whose critique of the Edgren Fellowship at the 2000 BGC annual meeting is reprinted, and Ron Saari looked ahead to the 2002 BGC meeting in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
  • G.W. Carlson reported on the resignation of popular Bethel College professor Greg Boyd (whose commencement prayer, “Keep Their Eyes Fixed On You,” is reprinted alongside GW’s prayer from that occasion).
  • Virgil Olson offered an incisive analysis of Bethel’s precarious early decades, when leaders like John Alexis Edgren and Arvid Hagstrom persevered in spite of financial and cultural challenges.
  • Vic Winquist and John Anderson made their first contributions to the Clarion, addressing two interrelated themes that have remained popular throughout the periodical’s run: Winquist argued that the BGC’s historic commitment to religious liberty (as expressed in part through participation in the Baptist Joint Committee) “is deeply rooted in our understanding of the Scriptural teachings about the nature of people created in God’s image” and “in the very real, at times bloody, historical experiences of Baptists”; and Anderson celebrated the American separation of church and state, paying tribute on its 200th anniversary to Thomas Jefferson’s famous “wall of separation” letter to Baptist leaders in Danbury, Connecticut.

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  • Virgil Olson, “One Step from Extinction”
  • Ron Saari, “Ypsilanti, Michigan: Here We Come!”
  • John F. Anderson, “Bicentennial Tribute to the ‘Wall of Separation'”
  • Vic Winquist, “Our Voice for Religious Liberty: The Baptist Joint Committee of Public Affairs”
  • G. William Carlson, “Greg Boyd Resigns from Bethel, Spring 2002”
  • Greg Boyd, “Keep Their Eyes Fixed on You”
  • G. William Carlson, “Looking Out the Window”
  • G. William Carlson, “Rev. Neal Floberg, Champion of Baptist Pietism”
  • Neal Floberg, “God is Far Too Big to Fit into Any Theological Boxes”
  • “Bethel Seminars Presented at 2002 BGC Annual Meeting”

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