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June 2007


In this issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion, contributors discussed the meaning of the second adjective in the periodical’s title. Chris Armstrong provided an introduction to the historical origins of German Pietism, while one of his most illustrious predecessors in the church history chair of Bethel Seminary, Virgil Olson, contributed two articles on the influence of Pietism on the Swedish Baptist movement and the Baptist General Conference. Also in this vein were an article by seminary student David Wetzel, a bibliography from G.W. Carlson, and historic excerpts from longtime Bethel president Carl Lundquist and the dean of BGC historians, Adolf Olson.

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  • Chris Armstrong, “Historical Origins of Pietism”
  • Virgil A. Olson, “History of Swedish Baptist Pietism: A Significant Influence on Early Leaders of the Baptist General Conference”
  • G. William Carlson, “Inside This Issue of the Baptist Pietist Clarion”
  • Virgil A. Olson, “Baptist Pietist Marks: The BGC as a Pietist Influenced Community of Believers”
  • Carl H. Lundquist, “The Best of the Past as a Gift to the Future”
  • David L. Wetzell, “A Bethel Seminarian Explores the Value of Swedish Baptist Pietism”
  • “Former and Current Bethel Professors Write New Books”
  • “Palmquist Was a Workaholic”
  • Adolf Olson, “Pietism and the Läsare Movement”
  • G. William Carlson, “The Pietist Poetry of Signe Olson Peterson: ‘The Letter Started On’ (Understanding the Immigrant Experience)”
  • Chris Armstrong, “Major Characteristics of the Pietist Heritage”
  • G. William Carlson, “Selective Bibliography: Pietism and the Baptist General Conference”

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