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March 2002


The first issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion dealt primarily with the ongoing debate within the Baptist General Conference and the larger evangelical movement over “open theism,” a view of God’s foreknowledge explored by, among others, then-Bethel professor Greg Boyd. Ron Saari reported from the BGC’s 2001 meeting in Arlington Heights, Illinois; Web Muck and Chelsea DeArmond did likewise from the Evangelical Theological Society. Responding to the “Edgren Fellowship” (a group of pastors critical of Boyd and other open theists), Truett Lawson warned against the loss of the BGC’s historic commitments to soul liberty and an irenic spirit, and G.W. Carlson sought to reclaim Bethel founder John Alexis Edgren as a pietistic Baptist who “belongs to all of us.” (Lawson also reviewed Boyd critic Bruce Ware’s God’s Lesser Glory, comparing it unfavorably with Divine Foreknowledge, Four Views, edited by Bethel professors Jim Beilby and Paul Eddy; and GW investigated the history of the BGC Affirmation of Faith and the BGC’s roots in Pietism.)

But the March issue also introduced two other themes that have continued to recur in the pages of the Clarion long after the heat of the initial debate subsided: GW drew on the work of two former Bethel sociology professors, David Moberg and Michael Emerson, to argue that that Baptist Pietists should celebrate the civil rights movement and dedicated the first of his bibliographies to the relationship between that movement and evangelicalism; and Baptist Pietist Clarion poet laureate Signe Olson Peterson made her first appearance with a 1930 work entitled “Increase My Faith.”

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  • G. William Carlson, “What is the Baptist Pietist CLARION?”
  • Ron Saari, “Analysis of the 2001 BGC Annual Meeting in Arlington Heights, Ill.”
  • G. William Carlson, “What is Pietism?: ‘In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Diversity, In Everything Charity'”
  • Truett M. Lawson, “Fragile But Free”
  • G. William Carlson, “What are the Origins of the 1951 Affirmation of Faith?”
  • G. William Carlson, “John Alexis Edgren, A Baptist, Pietist Theologian: He Belongs to All of Us!”
  • G. William Carlson, “Renewed Interest in BGC Archives”
  • “Dean Gordon Johnson Affirms the BGC as a Non-Creedal Baptist Community”
  • G. William Carlson, “Recent Publications by Bethel College and Seminary Authors”
  • G. William Carlson, “Recovering the Poetry of Signe Peterson”
  • Truett M. Lawson, “Thoughts on Bruce Ware’s Book, God’s Lesser Glory
  • G. William Carlson, “You are the God of Celebration”
  • Web Muck, “Is the Evangelical Theological Society Becoming ‘Theologically Correct’?”
  • Chelsea DeArmond, “ETS Votes on God’s Foreknowledge”
  • G. William Carlson, “Baptist Pietists Should Celebrate the Civil Rights Movement”
  • “Recovering the Inclusive Gospel”
  • “Evangelicalism and the Civil Rights Movement Selective Bibliography”

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