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March 2012


Several themes ran through this issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion:

  • Bethel Seminary professors Jeannette Bakke, Glen Scorgie, and Chris Armstrong reflected on Pietism as a “religion of the heart,” then Carole Spickelmier explored the same theme as it appeared in the writings of her father, Carl Lundquist (Bethel president from 1954 to 1982). The Pietist emphasis on the heart was also evident in two more poems from Clarion laureate Signe Olson Peterson.
  • As he came to the end of his career teaching at Bethel, G.W. Carlson shared two of his earlier talks: “Asking Good Questions: Internalizing Our Spiritual and Academic Journey” (from 2006); and “Can You Drink the Cup?” (a Communion meditation from the 2003 Bethel faculty retreat, inspired by Henri Nouwen’s book by that title).
  • BGC pastor Will Healy recalled stories of his father, Jerry Healy, Bethel English professor and (“More to the point”) Bethel’s “chief raconteur and beloved colleague to his fellow faculty, the go-to guy whenever there was a bit of levity need[ed] around the place.” Ron Saari shared a story of “Big Jer” from The Golf Letters, by two more of his sons: Dave and Paul. (Later in 2012, Paul, director of the Children’s Shelter of Cebu — featured in the May 2008 issue of the Clarion — was named the Bethel Alumnus of the Year.)

Click to download or view the March 2012 issue


  • Jeannette A. Bakke, “A Religion of the Heart and Bethel Seminary”
  • Glen G. Scorgie, “Religion of the Heart: The Enduring Value of Pietism”
  • G. William Carlson, “Inside This Issue…”
  • Terri Hansen, review of The Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, ed. Glen Scorgie
  • Chris Armstrong, “Pietism and Heart Religion: A Challenge to the Modern Critique”
  • Carole Lundquist Spickelmier, “Religion of the Heart: Writings of Dr. Carl Lundquist”
  • Jeannette Bakke, “Making Space for God”
  • Signe Olson Peterson, “Wondrous Grace”
  • G. William Carlson, “Can You Drink The Cup?”
  • G. William Carlson, “John Alexis Edgren: A Desire to Live Like Jesus”
  • Will Healy, “‘Big Jer’: Wisdom Fashioned by the Poets”
  • Ron Saari, “Jerry Healy: An Agent of Peace and Good Will on the Golf Course”
  • G. William Carlson, “The Pietist Poetry of Signe Olson Peterson”
  • G. William Carlson, “Asking Good Questions: Intentionalizing Our Spiritual and Academic Journey”

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