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March 2014


In this issue we pay tribute to two individuals who have significantly influenced the Baptist pietist heritage and left us during the past year: Jim Spickelmier and Walfred Peterson. At the same time, this issue also introduces a new contributor to readers of the Clarion: Joel Lawrence was assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Bethel Seminary from 2005–2013 and has now become the Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a noted Bonhoeffer scholar and shares some insights about Bonhoeffer for today’s church. 

Also in this issue… We invited Glen Scorgie, Chris Gehrz, and David Clark to reflect on significant issues facing the institutions of Bethel University. (Clark’s reflection comes from his address to a session of the Friends of History Center in November 2013.) Essays by Vic Winquist and Christian Collins Winn explore aspects of our Baptist heritage, and we revisit the legacies of two Baptist pastors associated with the Social Gospel: Walter Rauschenbusch and his Swedish colleague Nathaniel Schmidt.

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  • Glen Scorgie, “Bethel Seminary: Education of the Heart and Mind”
  • Joel Lawrence, “Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Quest for the Present Jesus: Some Reflections for the Church Today”
  • G.W. Carlson, “Tribute to Jim Spickelmier: Chronicler of Baptist General Conference History”
  • Christopher Gehrz, “Whole and Holy Persons: Pietism and Bethel University”
  • David Clark, “What I Know for Sure: Our Mission is Growing Leaders”
  • David Clark, “When Theology Matters”
  • Leland Eliason, “James Spickelmier: Committed to God’s Grace”
  • Terri L. Hansen, Review of James and Carole Spickelmier, Give First Priority to Jesus Christ: Key Values for Christian Living Taken from the Life and Ministry of Carl H. Lundquist
  • Carl Lundquist, “Pietism: The Roots of a Heart and Mind Commitment”
  • Ted Lewis, “Five Visitations”
  • Vic Winquist, “Walter Rauschenbusch: Pietist or Social Activist?”
  • G.W. Carlson, “Walter Rauschenbusch: ‘Why I Am a Baptist'”
  • G.W. Carlson, “Nathaniel Schmidt: Swedish Baptist Colleague of Walter Rauschenbusch”
  • James Spickelmier, “Faithfulness to the Mission of Bethel Seminary”
  • Diana Magnuson, “Challenge and Promise”
  • Mike Widen, “Brokenness: Mirrors”
  • Christian Collins Winn, “Why am I a Baptist?”
  • G.W. Carlson, “Walfred ‘Wally’ Peterson: Champion of Religious Liberty and Professor of Political Science, Bethel University”
  • Walfred Peterson, “Burlington Arriving”

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