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May 2008


This issue of The Baptist Pietist Clarion spotlighted two Baptist expressions of the Pietist commitment to economic and social justice: John Eric Klingberg and his Children’s Home in New Britain, Connecticut (inspiration for this issue’s poetry from Signe Olson Peterson, a correspondent and supporter of Klingberg’s); and the Children’s Shelter of Cebu (CSC), whose field director and president, Paul Healy, shared a sermon on the suffering of children like a little boy named Luke. Terri Hansen added her own reminiscences (“as someone peeking through a knothole in the fence”) of the Healys and CSC, and Paul Teske recounted his time as a short-term missionary at Cebu, where he entertained children as “Turnip the Clown.”

The issue began with “Pietism Rocks: An Identity Worth Sharing,” Truett Lawson’s last address to the Minnesota Baptist Conference as its executive director. Along with F. O. Nilsson and other early Swedish Baptist Pietists, Lawson mentioned Johanna Anderson, a pioneering missionary who died in Burma in 1904. Her story is told more fully by Bethel Seminary San Diego professor Jim Smith, who also transcribed a letter from Anderson to his maternal grandmother. It, along with a picture of the missionary and his ancestor, “present not only Johanna Anderson the Spirit-filled missionary hero but also the neighbor, friend and very human sister in Christ.”

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  • Truett Lawson, “Pietism Rocks: An Identity Worth Sharing”
  • Paul Healy, “Lessons from Luke: Why Do the Children of Cebu’s Shelter Have to Suffer So Much?”
  • G. William Carlson, “Inside this Issue…”
  • G. William Carlson, “John Eric Klingberg: Experiencing the Blessing of God”
  • John Eric Klingberg, “A Well Worn Bible is a Good Evidence that its Possessor Loves It”
  • Elsie Osborne Davis, “Day at the Beach: Glimpses of Real Life at the Children’s Home”
  • G. William Carlson, “The Pietist Poetry of Signe Olson Peterson: Celebrating the Life and Witness of John Eric Klingberg”
  • Klingberg poems by Signe Olson Peterson
  • Terri L. Hansen, “CSC in Retrospect – a Personal History”
  • Sidney Teske, “This Clown Left Part of His Heart in Cebu”
  • James D. Smith III, “Johanna Anderson: Pioneer Missionary” and “Johanna Anderson: A Family Friend”

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