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October 2014


Most of the articles of this issue come from the last two sessions of the Baptist General Conference History Center. They explored two themes: the development of multi-cultural communities in the Baptist General Conference/Converge Worldwide (Trinity Baptist Church, April 27, 2013) and a valuable presentation by Ivan Veldhuizen on challenges for missions in the 21st century (Calvary Church, April 26, 2014). I am thankful to Rob Boyd for providing a written version of the presentations by Ryan O’Leary, Roberto Atienza and Ramon Flores.

I have also included in this issue Dwight Jessup’s analysis of Brent Walker’s book What a Touchy Subject: Religious Liberty and Church-State Separation, Terri Hansen’s sermon entitled “A Fundamental Truth: I Have Been Raised from the Dead” and a discussion by Chris Gehrz entitled “Staying Christ-Centered: A Pietist Perspective,” given at the Christian College Consortium.

During the past year several significant people from the Baptist Pietist community have died. President Jay Barnes reflects on the life of Nancy Lundquist and Al Glenn on the life and ministry of Ron Youngblood.

We also celebrate the publication of several new works on Baptist General Conference history: Truett Lawson’s Our Times & Our Stories: The Minnesota Baptist Conference, A 150-Year Perspective, 1858-2008; and James and Carole Spickelmier’s Give First Priority to Jesus Christ: Key Values for Christian Living Taken from the Life and Ministry of Carl Lundquist. Both are helpful books which allow us to have a historical perspective for today’s church.

Click to download or view the October 2014 issue.


  • Ivan Veldhuizen, “Baptist General Conference/Converge Missions in the 21st Century”
  • Tannie Eshenaur, “How a Swedish Denomination Reach Out to All God’s People”
  • G. William Carlson, “Inside this Issue of the Baptist Pietist Clarion
  • Jay Barnes, “Nancy Lundquist Tribute”
  • Jonathan Larson, “A History of BGC Missions in Assam”
  • Jonathan Larson, “Almyra Eastlund: Traveling in Assam”
  • Terri L. Hansen, “A Fundamental Truth: I Have Been Raised with Christ (Colossians 3:1-4)”
  • Roberto Atienza, “State of Filipino Ministries in Minnesota”
  • Ryan O’Leary, “Native American Ministries in Minnesota”
  • Ramon Flores, “Hispanic American Ministries in Minnesota”
  • Vic Winquist, “Rob Boyd Tribute”
  • Rob Boyd, “Never Underestimate the Impact You Have on Others”
  • Dwight Jessup, “A Baptist Commitment to the Separation of Church and State: Challenges for the 21st Century”
  • Al Glenn, “Memories of Ron Youngblood”
  • Nancy Lundquist, “Celebrating the Goodness of God at Bethel”
  • Chris Gehrz, “Staying Christ-Centered: A Pietist Perspective on Bethel University”

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