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Hallmarks of the Swedish Baptist Pietist Tradition

Page one of the first issue

Where it all began: page 1 of issue 1, March 2002

From the first page of the first issue (March 2002), where G.W. Carlson identified six hallmarks of the Swedish Baptist Pietist tradition that have defined the Baptist General Conference:

The Baptist General Conference emerged from the Swedish Baptist Pietist Tradition and is committed to the following:

Sola Scriptura — the Bible is the sole basis for theological truth.

Affirmation of Faith (1951) — the consensus, non-creedal statement of faith that unites members of the BGC.

Necessity of personal conversion — the primary focus of the church is to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Great Commission — commitment to missions and evangelism.

Holy living — intentional Christian discipleship through Bible reading, prayer, and cultivation of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Irenic spirit — speak truth in love, avoid harsh polemics, and reject irresponsible heresy hunting.

Religious liberty — each person is responsible to God alone in all matters of faith and conduct, and the church and state must be kept separate.